How’s your credit? Are you actively monitoring your credit and taking steps to improve/maintain your current score? Ideally, your credit score is 680 or above. If it is not, you may want to start monitoring your credit. Learn what dates each of your accounts are being reported to Equifax and TransUnion. Work hard at keeping […]


March 14, 2021

6 Tips on Purchasing Your First Rental Property

Real estate can be used as a tool to further your financial wealth. There is that age-old saying that still rings true “Buy land, they aren’t making any more of it”. I know, I felt you roll your eyes from here, but it’s true! Just take a look around you, that forest you use to […]


March 7, 2021

Why invest in real estate? Is it right for you?

A home away from home. Freedom to escape your normal routines and create amazing new memories. Who doesn’t want that? Life on the lake, or out in the trees, just has such an appeal that many people often find themselves looking to purchase a cottage to enjoy. I know I am constantly on the hunt […]

Buying A House, Investing

February 28, 2021

Life on the Lake – Buying a Cottage

You’ve been listening to your podcasts, friends talk and doing some research while you debate about entering the real estate market as an investment and you’re still not sure if it’s for you. Well, let’s make a list of pros and cons together using my experience as a landlord and mortgage agent to help you […]


February 21, 2021

Pros and Cons of Investment Properties

Real estate sounds like a good idea, right? Of course, it does! Especially after you realize just how many different types of investment opportunities exist for you. Most common opportunities are: Buy and hold You buy a property, you rent it out, and you hold onto it for a long period of time. Monthly cash […]


February 14, 2021

Types of Real Estate Investing

Why does every keep talking about pre-approvals? Simple. A pre-approval is leverage.  In its simplest form, a pre-approval means you the buyers have had a mortgage professional and a lender review your file to ensure you qualify for the mortgage you are seeking. You are shopping for houses within your affordable price range. The lender […]

Buying A House, First Time Home Buyers

February 7, 2021

What is a Pre-approval and why do I need one?

I just want to buy a home, why does everyone just keep talking about insurance? Buying a home can be confusing enough. You probably hear the word insurance as often as you hear the word mortgage in the early stages of buying your home. It’s important to slow down these conversations and confirm exactly what […]

Buying A House, First Time Home Buyers

January 31, 2021

Questions Every First Time Home Buyer Should Ask | Part 2: Insurance

There are numerous methods to increase your wealth within the real estate market. The 4 most common methods to increase your monthly cash flow often fit into the following categories: Small Rental Units – These consist of 1 to 4 doors within a building that operates as rentals.  BRRR – The Buy, Renovate, Refinance, and […]


January 24, 2021

4 Ways to Create Monthly Cashflow

Banks are not evil but you’re making yourself look evil by storing piles of cash under your bed.  Please, please, please STOP doing this. I am begging on behalf of all mortgage agents and brokers.  I understand the need to save and seeing piles of cash build up is exciting, but I promise you seeing […]

Buying A House

January 10, 2021

Save Smarter: Why Keeping Cash Under Your Bed is a Bad Idea

Smart Savings

Buying your first home is an exciting time. Your brain is racing with a million questions. Your friends and family are all adding their two-cents, and your research online is coming up less than helpful because you can only look up the questions you know to research. What about the stuff you don’t know you […]

Buying A House, First Time Home Buyers

December 27, 2020

Questions every first time home buyer should be asking | Down Payment & CMHC | Part 1