Why invest in real estate? Is it right for you?

Real estate can be used as a tool to further your financial wealth. There is that age-old saying that still rings true “Buy land, they aren’t making any more of it”. I know, I felt you roll your eyes from here, but it’s true! Just take a look around you, that forest you use to play in is now a subdivision. Major cities seem to be competing on who can build the highest apartment building. This scarcity can be used as a tool to leverage your financial well being and help you reach those goals you’ve set for yourself. But why should you do it?

  1. Create passive income
  2. Build a retirement plan
  3. Increase your monthly cash flow
  4. Utilize your existing skills 
  5. Let your money make you money
  6. Take control of your financial future

Sounds great, doesn’t it? They usually say anything that sounds too good to be true is and most often that’s true. Real estate investing comes with both rewards and risks. You need to be able to weather the storms. Investing might be for you if:

  1. You are resourceful
  2. You are not afraid of change
  3. You are not averse to some risk
  4. You have time to allocate to your investments
  5. You want to invest in yourself
  6. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to get dirty.  (I’ll save the horror stories for another day)

Real Estate is a powerful tool when leveraged correctly. There are numerous ways to enter the market if you think this is the right market for you. I’ll break those down at a future date.

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